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Just to give you a gist about myself; Born and raised in the Philippines –  Moved to Canada in 2008. I am shy and quiet person, but I can be loud and open to my close friends and family. I am a home buddy, but I’m always in for travel and adventure! I don’t know how to cook, but I love to eat! I get bored easily, but I can be creative and artistic at times. 🙂

What’s the point of this blog?

I used to blog ages ago and I don’t know what happened, I lost my interest in posting blog, and I just disappeared. Now that I’m gaining my interest back in blogging again, I  want to share my travel experience to everyone! We all have different experience while traveling, and hopefully through this blog I can give some ideas/tips to other people who want to travel in the places that I have visited.

Why not just do a video blog? 

Because I look and sound like shit.  No, seriously. I’m not pretty good at speaking and sometimes (most of the times) I have to construct the sentence I have to say, which means long pauses and a lot of “uh-” “uhm’s” and you wouldn’t want to hear that, right? So, yes. VLOG is not for me. However, I gained interest in video editing (Totally noob as of the moment), and I will post links here.

How often do you travel?

I only travel 2-3weeks/year, that’s not a lot but its something! And I hope that one day, I’ll take the courage to just go and leave my comfort zone and travel non-stop! For now, I enjoy taking 2-3weeks of travel a year. I’m still building and starting up my career, and I’m currently satisfied on going for short travels.